Sustainable garden

Sustainable garden

At Verdi Tuinen we believe in sustainability. This is not only expressed in long-term collaborations, our working method is also based on sustainable methods.

Love for sustainable gardens

Anyone who has a garden wants to enjoy it as long as possible. In other words: a garden should provide a lifetime of pleasure. Sustainability has to do with the lifespan of a garden, but also with nature and everything that goes with it. That is why we work as sustainably as possible.

We are an Appeltern Garden expert

We have been selected by the gardens of Appeltern Tuinexpert. This means that we are recommended on the basis of quality and expertise. The title obliges us to create sustainable gardens with a lot of biodiversity. The result: sustainable and beautifully green gardens.


Build a natural garden?

We respect nature

Aggressive pesticides are not necessary, because there is always a natural alternative. We also love birds. That is why we try to get these critters into your garden with the right plants. Nice to see, even nicer to hear them whistle. In addition, we would like to see a Sedum roof on every roof. Good for the environment!

We choose power tools

Motor tools run on fossil fuels and we think that’s a shame. That is why we prefer to use power tools. For example, we use an electric hedge trimmer to trim the hedge. Is there no other option? Then we use the cleanest possible fuel.

We collect rainwater

Rainwater does not belong in the sewer. That is why we collect rainwater or let it run off into nature. We encourage our customers to cut their downspouts and advise on ways to collect rainwater.

We participate in sustainable initiatives

We do have our diploma, but of course we never stop learning. That is why we work together with various sustainable initiatives to exchange experiences, tips and knowledge. Together we are committed to keeping nature as beautiful as possible.