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Installation of a Sedum roof

Sedum roofs are also known as ‘green roofs’. They are a colourful natural roof, covered with all kinds of succulents that change colour every season. If you install a Sedum roof, then you are opting for a colourful roof rather than a standard black roof. It is a living, sustainable and affordable option for your roof.

A Sedum roof changes colour with the seasons, turning fresh green in spring and dark red in summer. There are over 250 types of succulents, which grow almost anywhere, even on sloping roofs.

We have a lot of experience installing Sedum roofs. You will often see Verdi Tuinen gardeners up on a roof. If you are curious about the costs, contact us for further information.

The benefits of a Sedum roof

A Sedum roof does not only add more greenery, but it is also sustainable. The sedum roof protects the roof against sunlight, rain, and extreme temperature differences. The roof will require less maintenance and last a lot longer.

Heat resistant and soundproof
A Sedum roof provides extra insulation and helps to reduce outside noises. The sedum roof also retains heat in the winter and creates a cooling effect in the summer.

Low maintenance
Sedums are easy plants to maintain because they are incredibly self-sufficient. As with everything in life, a little love works wonders! For example, removing weeds from time to time and providing the plants with a little fertilizer will keep your Sedum roof looking amazing.

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Installing a Sedum roof

Installing a Sedum roof
Sedum can grow just about anywhere, however, not every roof is suitable for Sedum plants. Regardless of whether your roof is flat, or it slopes, it is important that the roof has enough load-bearing capacity. The roof must be strong enough to support the soil and the plants on it. The bottom layer generally consists of a structure with substrate or a lightweight structure with a substrate roll. A good drainage system is also necessary as the plants do not like soggy soil. We understand it is quite a bit of jargon – especially the topic about substrate. We are happy to advise you about the installation of a sedum roof.

Maintenance of sedum roofs

Sedums require little maintenance. They are ideal plants that can withstand both the sun and the rain. Although these succulents require water, it is important not to drown them. Regular checking of the water drainage system by us or yourself, ensures the plants do not drown. Succulents get along with other plants, but not with weeds. It is therefore vital to remove weeds regularly. Sedum also requires some extra fertilizer now and then.

Sedum roof costs

The cost of a Sedum roof will vary depending on the type of roof you have. It is easier to install on a flat roof than on a sloping roof. Roof accessibility also plays a part in the construction costs. Additionally, the surface area of the planting is another important factor. If you are interested in a quote for a sedum roof, please contact us.


We cannot emphasize enough that a sedum roof is sustainable. It is an environmentally friendly option offering insulation, water absorption and is low maintenance. Because sedum roofs are environmentally friendly, there are cities that offer subsidies for it. This is the case in large cities such as Utrecht, where they offer to subsidise up to 50% of the total cost. Considering this subsidy makes a sedum roof even more attractive.

Are you looking for specific advice about a sedum roof, or curious about the costs? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with all your gardening questions and plans!