Gardener Utrecht

Gardener Utrecht

Looking for a landscape gardener in Utrecht and the surrounding area? Someone who can design, build or maintain your garden? Our team at Verdi Tuinen may have the greenest fingers in the region. We are not breast beaters, but we dare to say that we design the most beautiful and sustainable gardens. And build and maintain.

At Verdi Gardens, one thing always comes first: a garden that is alive. Because a garden that blooms and grows is a garden that you can enjoy for years to come. Our starting point is that a garden suits the customer. In other words: fits what you want. That’s why we come up with a plan together. We listen to what you think is important, not what we think is the best solution. Of course we can give advice if required. This way we can fulfill all your green (or less green) wishes. We are a landscaping company that mainly works in the Utrecht region (for example in Leidsche Rijn, Bilthoven, Amerongen, Zeist, Nieuwegein and Driebergen).

Contemporary garden design

Do you want a professionally landscaped garden? Or do you know roughly what you want, but no idea how it will manifest itself? Where is the best place to build a terrace, for example? Then we start with a garden design. We sit at your table and ask you the question. What do you like? What not? Do you have wishes, what is important? Child or animal-friendly garden or not? And so on, and so on. The trick here is listening. Only in this way can we process all your wishes into your dream garden. There are costs associated with a garden design. You can read more about it on our garden design page.

Take a quick look at our projects here to get inspired!


Why garden design?


By putting all ideas on paper, we can create a garden that fits exactly what you want. Think of a beautiful lawn and a nice terrace that offers space for endless barbecues. Or a practical roof with mood lighting and cheerful flowerbeds. Or of course all the above options combined. Anyway: everything is possible. Challenge us, we will devise a garden that exudes the desired atmosphere.

Take a quick look at our projects here to get inspired!

Garden landscaping in Utrecht

Let’s get straight to the point: a garden should suit you as a person. So only when you are 100% satisfied, we are too. Expect nothing less from Verdi Hoveniers than the best quality and the best service. As professional idiots, we love green (Verdi from our company name means ‘green’ for a reason). We are therefore always looking for ways to make your garden as green as possible. Not only with the color, especially in durability. This means that we work with sustainable materials. This way we know for sure that you can enjoy your dream garden for years to come. We deal with all kinds of construction. You can engage us for, among other things:

Erecting fences or pergolas
Garden maintenance in Utrecht
Garden maintenance is perhaps the most important part of your garden. Nothing has been done for a season and your garden will look very different. Your garden grows, lives and blooms. As a result, it requires constant attention. Do you have no green fingers or no time or inclination for garden maintenance? Then you just throw that over the fence with us. Garden maintenance involves various activities. For example, think of:

  • Plant maintenance
  • Algae and moss control
  • Lawn care
  • Pruning the hedge and/or trees
  • Terrace cleaning
  • Removing leaves (particularly in the fall)

We ensure that your garden is neat and fresh all year round. Garden maintenance doesn’t have to cost a lot. So you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket, because sometimes a few hours a month is enough. Ask about our options for periodic garden maintenance. Do you want to maintain your company garden? Then take a look at Verdi Bedrijfstuinen.

Maintenance = preservation. The golden tip of every gardener.

Gardener Utrecht and surroundings

At Verdi Tuinen we are happy to help you realize your perfect garden. We are active throughout the Utrecht region, such as Zeist, Driebergen, De Bilt, Bilthoven and Nieuwegein. Do you want to have your existing garden redesigned? Or do you need help maintaining your garden? We are happy to advise and inform you about the possibilities. Contact us for free advice or an appointment.