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Garden maintenance

Your garden is alive: it grows, blooms and requires constant attention. Not pruned, fertilized or winterized for a year? Then your garden will look very different next season. Whether you like it or not, garden maintenance is therefore very necessary.

Don’t you have those green fingers and don’t you feel like getting started yourself? Or maybe you love working in the garden, but time is your enemy? Large or small work?

It doesn’t matter to us, we are happy to roll up our sleeves in your garden. In fact, we are completely in our element. Verdi Tuinen arranges your garden maintenance and ensures that your garden remains attractive.

Optimal appearance and value of the garden

Just imagine: spring is approaching, the sun is shining and there is no wind. This is the ideal time to go outside again for a cup of coffee in the garden, for example.

The first rays of sunshine of the year are always wonderful to usher in a new season. But just taking the garden chairs out of the shed and putting them down is not enough. Traces of weeds, dead plants or a terrace full of green deposits … Winter has left its traces and first your garden must be given a makeover.

We guarantee that your garden will be ready for summer again. By performing regular garden maintenance, your garden will be in the best condition. That way you can enjoy it longer.

Of course, this does not only apply to the summer or spring, because maintenance will also be necessary in the autumn and winter. If desired, our gardeners can come by for maintenance when you are on holiday yourself. Tell us what you want in your garden, we’ll do the rest.

Maintenance = preservation. The golden tip of every gardener.

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Periodic garden maintenance

Do you want your garden to always look nice, neat and tidy? Then opt for periodic garden maintenance, where we visit you on a regular basis to give your garden a maintenance service. Think of it as additional points at the hairdresser: we give the garden the necessary love and attention for a healthy appearance.

Who regularly maintains a garden, is generally faster with recurring jobs. This means that periodic garden maintenance is not expensive. We often have enough time a few hours a month to keep your garden healthy and green. Ask about our special offers.

Maintenance work

Garden maintenance involves various activities. For example, think of:

  • Plant maintenance
  • Algae and moss control
  • Lawn care
  • Pruning the hedge and/or trees
  • patio cleaning
  • Removing leaves (particularly in the fall)

We ensure that the garden is fresh and tidy all year round.

Major garden maintenance

Do you maintain the garden yourself, but do you need help or advice with the larger jobs such as pruning, scarifying, mowing and fertilizing? Or could you use some help preparing your garden for winter or summer? Even then you can count on us.

We are happy to advise and inform you about the possibilities. Contact us for free advice or an appointment.

Also take a look at some of our completed projects.

Harmen is a garden expert and knows everything about gardens and garden maintenance. Do you have a question about your garden?

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