Garden design

A good garden design is the foundation of your outdoor space and the first step towards creating your new garden. Are you looking for an original garden design? The types of shape used in the garden impact on the overall design. For example, choosing a square or a round border, will result in quite a different look.
Together we create the design so that it reflects the garden you imagined.

With our garden design you can be assured that all of your chosen elements will be incorporated into a well-balanced design.
We are experienced garden designers who will design the dream garden that you have been looking forward to for so long!
Are you looking for a 3D version of your garden design? This is also a possibility with Verdi Tuinen! 

Our prices for garden design

Intimate garden

Acreage: 0-100 m²

(2D & 3D-design)

€ 685,-

Incl. btw

Comfortable garden

Acreage: 100-200 m²

(2D & 3D-design)

€ 795,-

Incl. btw

Special garden

Acreage: 200-300 m²

(2D & 3D-design)

€ 950,-

Incl. btw

Exclusive garden

Acreage: 300+ m²

(2D & 3D-design)

Price on request

Incl. btw

The garden design does not include a planting plan.
This is the price per garden. Additional charge for the front or back garden in consultation.

Creating a garden design

Is your garden ready for a makeover? Or do you need help with designing a garden for your new house, but have no idea what you would like? Verdi Tuinen can help you. With a garden design we can visualize what your garden will look like. We have the perfect solution for you whether your garden is big or small. For example, we can create intimate seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, or an extra playground for your children in a spacious garden. Together we explore the possibilities available for your garden space through creating careful sketchers and construction drawings. The possibilities are endless!

The key to garden happiness

With our designs we know you will be happy with your new garden, now and in the future.
The following four points are considered:

Hard and soft landscaping
We would suggest that the best garden designs include both hard and soft elements reflecting nature at its best. Using both trees as well as plants creates a natural surrounding. We often see a choice for a large terrace without soft elements. A poor design if you ask us.

A combination of high and low plants
Height variations create excitement, depth, and atmosphere. That is why we strive for at least half of the plants to be higher than 90cm’s.

Plenty of Peace and privacy
Your garden is like your house; it is a place to relax, feel safe and secure. You should be as comfortable in your garden as you are in your home. Whether sitting or having fun in your garden we want you to relax.

Low maintenance and effort
Whether you love gardening or not, a garden should be tailored to suit your level of gardening. We tailor the garden design entirely to your needs.


Unique atmosphere

Are you after a beautiful view, a lovely terrace to dine, mood lighting, or a practical canopy? Or how about a hard-wearing lawn, a playful water feature or an outdoor heater for cool evenings? Together we create a garden design that matches the atmosphere you are after. We design for all types of gardens: modern, traditional, rural, cozy, attractive, sleek, but more importantly, exactly what you want.

Contemporary garden design

At Verdi Tuinen we start each project with the right garden design. By doing this you are will not face any surprises when we layout your new garden. A professional garden design and a planting plan ensures the right balance of hard and soft landscaping.

The two main advantages of a garden design are:

Valuable advice
Do you have a lot of creative and unique ideas, but do not know how to implement these? For example, have you always dreamed of a waterfall in the garden, but have no clue whether it fits with the style of your garden? As experienced gardeners we can draw up a beautiful garden design for you.

The right landscaping proportions
Thanks to years of experience, we know how to achieve a perfect balance between hard and soft landscaping, greenery and paving. We ensure that our landscaping proportions are correct for the size of the space as well as tailored to your requirements.

Appeltern garden expert

Verdi Tuinen has been selected as an Appeltern garden expert. An Appeltern garden expert is up to date with sustainability developments, is respectful towards nature and especially focusses on quality, comfort, and convenience. It is a society that exists for the best gardeners in the Netherlands. We are endorsed by the gardens of Appeltern for our quality and working methods.

Take a look at several of our projects for inspiration!